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Today: 7/20/2024 12:51:35 PM PT
TLC Consulting TL Consulting offers managed care consulting to hospital based providers

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At the heart of TLC are the managed care underpayment review projects. TLC uses a systematic approach to determine whether the provider has received the negotiated rate from the payor. Using a relational database, terms and conditions of contracts are loaded and zero balance accounts are processed to calculate expected payment. Comparison reports are run against actual payments to determine the additional monies owed to the hospital resulting in "found" money.TLC provides all the rebilling and follow-up activities related to collecting the underpayments.

The industry standard is between 3-5% annual managed care revenue that results in underpayments by insurance companies. Previous projects have exceeded those projections.

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Our Team  

Auditing and Collections
 Our team is comprised of former provider and payor professionals. These individuals work hard to insure that the relationships each of our clients has built with its payors remains in good standing and is further enhanced by professional and precise communication.