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Today: 7/20/2024 12:45:42 PM PT
TLC Consulting
Principle Bios
Louise Bridges — Prior to forming TLC, Louise held the position of Vice President Sales and Services in the Pleasanton, CA office of Hospital Cost Consultants (HCC) a division of National Data Corporation (NDC) Atlanta, GA, a company doing retrospective projects as well as selling managed care software. Louise spent just over 10 years at HCC where she oversaw the creation, development and growth of the managed care product used by hospitals, or HCC internally to do retrospective recovery projects. Previous experience includes being the General Manager of a Physician Billing Company, Hospital Business Office Management, and consulting to hospital business offices and managed care departments.
Tobyann Faingold — Prior to forming TLC, Toby performed work as an independent consultant specializing in managed care topics that affect the Integrated Delivery Systems, including extensive contract management product research and development projects. Prior to this work, Toby was the Executive in charge of the HCC Retrospective rebilling service collecting monies not previously paid under the terms and conditions of the managed care contracts. Prior to this 5 year experience she worked for several other organizations where she was responsible for managing billing and collection activity for an accounts receivable management and lost charge recovery unit, establishing regional offices for a professional fee billing company and operational consulting for a large clinic.
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